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PostSubject: participation   participation EmptyThu May 01, 2008 4:36 am

brothers n sisters(if there r any..),

frequently, what we tend to do is, when the topic or any breed or anything being discussed is not a topic that we r familiar with, we'll usually ignore the topic thinking that we dont know anything about the subject matter being discussed there and hence, move forth searching something..

but my suggestion is, participate in as much topics as you can so that your level of knowledge increases... each n every breed is lined.. if u learn about one breed, u might get to know something new about the breed you hold dear..

and many a times what people do is, if they happen to find no posts concerning the breed their hold dear, they'll stop coming online frequently..

instead of that, why dont you guys create topics on that and enlighten us and many people around?

have confidence in whatever you know...
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