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 unseen miracles

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PostSubject: unseen miracles   Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:19 am

Behind every prayer and parayan there lies a desire, the quest for a miracle. Nice are those experiences where the seeker gets what he desires. It is the experiences of several devotees to receive the good news, from seemingly nowhere, beyond the logic, at the end of a sincere prayer. What of those who do not see the light at the end of the tunnel? Did Sri Sai Baba not hear them? Are those prayers not sincere?

A prayer is always sincere. The mere thought of surrendering our ego, even for a moment, at the feet of Sri Sadguru and invoking His grace to the betterment of our existence is a significant step. However, not being able to receive the expected or wanted may not construe as a failure.

It does help one to know why the prayers aren't answered always. Why is that Sri Sai Baba withholds His miracles, seemingly to a few unfortunate ones? A careful analysis may help our little minds to some extent. Next time, if our prayers are unanswered, let us remember those occasions carefully and move on. Let our faith be doubled and let our love to Sri Sainath is unchanged. It will be revealed later, that the prayers that were unanswered were a part of a much bigger plan. It will be known that, what happened is in our best interests. It will also be known that it may not be dealing between Sri Sai Baba and the self, but a part of a grander revelation. Seek my treasure. My coffers are open, said Sri Sai Baba. The best miracles are the ones that are unseen.
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unseen miracles
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