Dedicated to the guard dogs/lgds which protects & has protected us/our charges with its lives!!
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 A brave dogo!!

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PostSubject: A brave dogo!!   Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:13 am

i have a store on a very brave dogo i am at work right now so i will post it later. farao


The Incident

On way home from a trip to the country I decide to make a stop at a kiosk, Caudillo is sitting in his crate in the back of the car.
A car with four passengers pass us by and suddenly the car stops and two men gets out of the car, one of these two men steps into my car at the passenger side and tells me to get out of the car.
The first thing that came to my mind is ask if I can take Caudillo out of the car, I asked him this several time’s but not once did he answer me.
With their fist they punch me out of the car, as I fall out of the car the second man steps into in and gets behind the wheel.
I get up and rush to the back door of the car; I open the door and try to drag Caudillo with crate and all out of the car.
As I am holding the door of the crate the driver hit the gas, the care moves what makes me fall on the ground.
The combination of me holding the door and me falling as the driver hits the gas, the weight of Caudillo the whole door of the crate brakes of.
There I was, on the ground holding the door of the crate in my hand as I see Caudillo stepping out of the crate.
I call him, Caudillo come here.
At that precise moment one of the men turns around and points his gun at me, Caudillo looks at me and disobeys my command and place him self between me and the man aiming at me.
It’s than that I heard the first shot, a shot meant for me, the driver steps on the throttle again and the car drives away.
I cant keep up with the car but I run after it anyway, the cars is approximate one hundred and fifty meters away when I heard a shots going of.
The car looses control and drives into a three next to the side of the road and comes to a hold.
The driver gets out of the car and runs to the car of the other two men they came with.
Through the back Caudillo gets out of the car and he starts pursuing the driver but only a few meters later Caudillo collapse on the ground.
The two man in the second car gets out of their car and take the forth man out of the front passenger seat of my wrecked car.
The four men now all in the original car they came with drives away.
I arrive at the spot where Caudillo lays, he is lying in a pool of blood and he is dead.
The man who entered at the passenger side of my car shot Caudillo seven times with a .45 caliber pistol.
Hitting Caudillo three times in the ribs, one in the chest, three times in the throat and one in the nose.

The police would later inform me that the man who was sitting at the passenger side of my car, the man who shot and killed Caudillo has died in the local hospital from the wounds Caudillo inflicted on him.
Caudillo bit him in the neck.
In my wrecked car the police found two .45 caliber pistols, one was empty, the other was still loaded, the driver never got a chance to fire one single shot.

I have had and will have many dogs but Caudillo is a one in a lifetime dog, irreplaceable.
The pain I feel telling this story is enormous.
It doesn’t feel like I lost neither a precious dog nor a friend, it feels like I lost a son.

Caudillo was 22 moths old, 66.5 centimeters high and weighs 59.7 kilo.

Martín Parapar
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PostSubject: Re: A brave dogo!!   Thu Oct 25, 2007 8:00 pm

such a great sacrifice from the dogo!!! as expected of a working dogo!! really a great dog.. he is a hero!
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A brave dogo!!
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