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 friendship with god

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PostSubject: friendship with god   Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:27 am

sri sai = god

No one is interested in you. Remember this point well. Donít expect the world to rush to your rescue in every bad situation. It will just not happen. Be up and doing, with faith in Sri Sai. If Sri Sai supports you and the entire world opposes you, you will still succeed. But if you lose Sri Sai and gain the entire worldís support, you will yet fail. Gain Sri Saiís friendship. It is the greatest wealth. Once you have that, peace of mind is yours. You now have everything. Fear has fled. Anxiety has disappeared.

See Sri Sai in all. Feel unified in spirit with everyone and everything. You are not separate from the rest of creation. Sri Sai is just another name for that mysterious life principle in you. Call it Life, call it Consciousness, and call it Existence. This mysterious principle is all pervading, eternal, one without cause and effect. Feel happy. Think, talk and walk in a manner befitting the grandeur of thy inner Being, the Sri Sai within you. Shed all meanness, crookedness, cunningness, selfishness which is the hallmarks of a degraded man. Feel one with all in spirit. Your life will begin to move along right lines. Your spiritual evolution will be rapid. You will have all the peace of mind you want.
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friendship with god
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