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 harmonize all our thoughts,words and deeds.

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PostSubject: harmonize all our thoughts,words and deeds.   Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:43 pm

Most of our prayers are filled with pompous words, devoid of feeling. Inside the mind there is one thing, on our lips there is something else. It is only when we synchronize the thoughts in our mind with the words in our mouth, which our words can turn into prayer and become effective. Then we must put our prayers into practice. When our activities in daily life are coordinated with our thoughts and words then our prayers can become worship; and when we achieve full unity in thought, word and action then we become a great soul.

We have to examine ourselves to see whether we are following this path of harmony in thought, word and deed. When we examine ourselves honestly we may find that most of the time these three, thought, word and deed, will be going off in three different directions, without any unity between them. When thoughts are different, words are different and actions are different, we have the characteristics of a demon, not of a saint. Such disharmony will not benefit us nor endear us to the Lord.
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harmonize all our thoughts,words and deeds.
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