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PostSubject: persuation   Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:45 pm

There once was a Man who was a failure in everything he did

He managed to get a decent job though, but his co-workers continued to belittle and mock him because he canít seem to get anything right.

On the contrary his boss was a persuasion expert. Instead of scolding the man, his boss motivated him and made him a much better person.

When ever the man made a mistake, his boss would say Its OK. We all make mistakes all the time. I know you will learn from this experience and you will do much better next time. This act boosted the manís ego.

Whenever the man did something right even if itís the littlest thing, his boss would praise him and say you are very much improved Good Job.

His boss would sometimes even assign him good qualities that he may not even possess yet.

Because the boss expected the man to be capable of doing great things, and by assigning him qualities that he may not even possess at that moment, the man became highly successful.

The Reason?

If you expect and assign good qualities to someone that person will exert voluntary effort to your expectations

Persuasion is extremely POWERFUL Tool
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