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 what is service?

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PostSubject: what is service?   what is service? EmptySat Oct 04, 2008 11:00 am

True Service is Service done with a Pure Loving Heart and can be to anything anyone be it Man Animal or even Plant. It is a selfless service which is done without expecting any reward in turn. There should not be any ego while doing the service. If there is any element of ego while doing the service, even the person receiving the seva will not be comfortable. The opportunity for doing the service, the financial position we are in, the job we have are all given by Sri Sai. By doing ego less service we are trying to give it back to Sri Sai. We must try to see Sri Sai in all the living beings and while doing service, think that we are doing service to none other than Sri Sai.

Love All Serve All. Any Action performed with faith in god, to the benefit of others, without expecting any materialistic reward to thyself, but only expecting Gods grace, can be called as true Service. In this service, if thought, word and deed harmonizes the service becomes an offering.

To help someone who is in trouble, someone who cannot afford for his wellbeing, to share whatever we have with God by doing so. We should not be unkind to all human beings or should not hurt anybody whether mentally or physically.

True Service Means
S : Selflessness
E : Experience of Divinity
R : Rati i.e. Love
V : Vision of Lord in those being served
I : Integrity of Thought, Word and Action
C : Compassion
E : Excitement

This in my view is the definition of true seva or service.
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what is service?
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