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 self confidence

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PostSubject: self confidence   self confidence EmptySun Oct 19, 2008 11:07 pm

Self confidence is the source of all success.

Though people talk about self-confidence, they have really no confidence in the Self [the Spirit]. It is essential for every man to have Atma visvaasam [confidence in the Self]. Self confidence is the foundation for the mansion of Life, with Self-satisfaction as the walls, Self sacrifice as the roof and Self realization as the dwelling. The Self is at the root of everything. Without confidence in the Self, life becomes utterly meaningless. Life is infinitely precious. It should not be wasted in mere eating and sleeping. It should be lived for realizing the Supreme. Man is endowed with a body for realizing the Divine. He must lead an ideal life.

"Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a game, play it."

Self confidence may be compared to the foundation of the edifice of life. We should have Self confidence that is confidence in ourselves, instead of confidence in the world. Self satisfaction may be compared to the walls, Self-sacrifice to the roof and Self realization to the happiness we derive from living in the mansion of the human body. With Self confidence we will be able to face and surmount the difficulties of life. With Self confidence we can accomplish anything and secure joy.

Any task undertaken with self-confidence ensures success. Therefore, self confidence is absolutely essential for every person. If you expect others to respect and love you, you should respect and love them equally. Without respecting or loving others, you cannot expect any reciprocal feeling from others. In the same way, if you love God, God loves you. Life consists of reaction, resound and reflection. You exactly get back what you do to others.
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self confidence
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