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 how to quit bad habits?

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how to quit bad habits? Empty
PostSubject: how to quit bad habits?   how to quit bad habits? EmptyThu Oct 23, 2008 3:34 am

How can I give up my bad habits the spiritual way?

The answer to this question lies on two different levels.

The first answer is, you must recognize that you are never addicted to the habit, but in fact are addicted to suppressing negative energy which you fear to face.

The second answer is that you are not one whole person. You have thousands of different personalities within you, each trying to be the star of the stage. Each one has the function of making sure you do not look within. The ego is terrified that you will look within and find the Truth.

Lets say one of your personalities is a smoker. You must not identify with this personality. You must rise above it. Do not say, “I am a smoker”. When you are aware of yourself feeling like having a smoke, bring yourself into the present moment. When you do this, you do not give the personality of smoker any power. You do not identify with it, thus withdrawing its power to stay alive.

The smoker personality can only exist in the past or the future, but never in the present moment

When you do this on a continual basis, the suppressed negative energy that lies below hasn’t got anything to help it stay in the unconscious. It then rises up to your consciousness where it will disappear forever. You will find that you have more energy to devote to being more creative instead of struggling to hold down these destructive energies.

This is why most people feel like they constantly have a battle going on within them. Its like holding down an inflated tire under water. Its a continual struggle. You must let the tire up. Once you have let go of the battle within, you will feel tremendous relief come over you. This is true liberation.
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how to quit bad habits?
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