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 trample the sin, but not the sinner!

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PostSubject: trample the sin, but not the sinner!   Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:56 pm

Trample sin but do not despise the sinner. Sin is negation of Virtue. It is the greatest obstacle, in the struggle of life. Sinfulness is godlessness. To commit a sin, whether in thought, word or deed is to invite terrible consequences both in this life and Hereafter. Sin is a fetter, a clamping machine which kills you inch by inch and gives you no rest or peace of mind.

Keep away from the monster of sin and seek virtue as your friend and life mate. It is virtue that brings peace and happiness Sin creates disunion, disharmony, distress, distraction, dissipation of energy and disease of mind, body and soul. Destroy sin with the hammer of God's name. Keep on shouting the name of God and the temptress sin will not make an assault on you. A life of sinless ness is a life of perfection which God wants His children to strive for.

Trample sin under your feet but do not despise the sinner- Pity him and raise him from the morass of despair. Purify his heart, mind and soul and take him God ward. It is possible to rise from the state of sinful-ness to the highest state of saintliness. Sinfulness is only one aspect of human life. It is a transient aspect for no sinner can live in the sink of sin for a long time. He must come out, by means of his own remorse and suffering and breathe the free air of joy and sunshine, which is God's measure for all His creation.

There is no such thing as eternal punishment. There is eternal bliss which is the birthright of every human soul. But there is no eternal fire of hell. Heaven and hell do exist but not in the sense men think them to be. Sinfulness is hell. Righteousness is heaven. It is only by breaking the fetters of sin and leading a life of desirelessness, would you be able to win God's Love and grace and enter into His Kingdom of Eternal Bliss.
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trample the sin, but not the sinner!
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