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 key to happiness

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Earthly pleasures are the shadows of happiness; because of their transitory character. True happiness is in love, which is the stream that springs from one's soul. He who will allow this stream to run continually in all conditions of life, in all situations, however difficult, will have a happiness which truly belongs to him, the source of which is not without, but within.

If there is a constant outpouring of love one becomes a divine fountain, for from the depth of the fountain rises the stream and, on its return, it pours upon the fountain, bathing it continually

The method of attainment is to endeavor
1. Always make others happy
2. Being Happy in the happiness of others.

Any selfishness prevents us from appreciating another's happiness and therefore we shall be kept back, for the happiness of others is the gate to our own happiness.

We must feel satisfaction in another's satisfaction ... If a person needs a certain thing and we can supply it, we should be happy to supply it, how ever small the thing may be.

Therefore the key to happiness is in making others happy and in appreciating and blessing another's happiness.
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key to happiness
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