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 deha dharma and atma dharma

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PostSubject: deha dharma and atma dharma   deha dharma and atma dharma EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 5:03 am

A choice between Deha(body) Dharma and Atma(soul) Dharma

Life confronts us with so many choices every day. These choices always lead to only two scenarios - either it further our progress on the spiritual path or take us back. Now, progress on the spiritual path is defined as anything which helps us to reveal our true nature as a divine being, forever selfless and blissful. And the opposite that which gives us joys which are temporary and come from selfishly enjoying bodily pleasures. But how do we orientate ourselves towards the divine with our every step and breath?.

We can either make choices that further our life as a separate body, or make choices that are in consonance with the Atma or spirit [or the Self].

Man implies three things - doing, knowing and being. When the body acts alone without regard to the mind and the Atma, that person is considered to be in the animal state. When the mind acts in association with the body without regard to the Atma, that condition is described as demonic. When man acts in consonance with the Atma, he achieves oneness with the Divine. Hence, man has in him these three potentialities, he can manifest himself as an animal, a demon or God.

Therefore, eternal freedom or liberation can be obtained only from following the dictates of our Atma or Self and not the Deha or the Body.

The body is only an instrument and transient just like a water bubble. When we believe and live in this principle, we experience true freedom.

“The end of wisdom is freedom” .
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deha dharma and atma dharma
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